About Us

The Goodnews Chapel, Benue State University, is a non-denominational Campus Church established to cater for the needs of students and staff of the University with different Christian backgrounds. It was started on the 21st of February, 1993, one week after the official take off of the University. The Chapel is a territorial church, because it also receives and takes care of the needs of the interested outsiders. At the moment, the Chapel is neither an orthodox, and conservative assembly, nor firmly Pentecostal. It tries to absorb the best of both traditions such that a mature Christian of either persuasion can feel at home in the Chapel.

The Chapel, since its inception, has had different worship centres within the University. Under the leadership of former Vice Chancellor, Professor David Ker, a portion of land was allocated for the Chapel’s permanent site in 2005. The foundation for the first phase of the Chaplaincy was laid on the 18th October, 2008 by the immediate past Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul A. Sorkaa.

The appointment and inauguration of the pioneer Chaplain, Pastor Ezekiel A. Hanior on the 19th October, 2008 was another joyful moment in the Chapel’s life. The reception service in honour of the fourth Vice Chancellor and first female Vice Chancellor, Professor Charity A. Angya in 2010 was another landmark in the growth of the Chapel.

Indeed, these joy-filled moments in the Chapel will appear incomplete without referring to the following: The witnessing of several young men and women turning their lives over to Christ regularly in tears at the Chapel Services and the transformation accompanying these decisions; Intercessory Prayer Services for the take off of the BSUTH and accreditation of the CHS in May, 2011; The day Chapel moved out of the ALGON Hall to her permanent worship centre on the 13th May, 2012; The Thanksgiving Service for the eventual take-off of the BSUTH and accreditation of the CHS in April, 2013.

The Chapel is currently led by a dynamic and Spirit-filled team of men and women under the chairmanship of Professor Joel O. Eriba. It is no longer a secret the unprecedented and generous disposition of the Vice Chancellor Professor Charity A. Angya and her management team towards the Goodnews Chapel. These have expressed their confidence in what God is using us to contribute to the University development and practically invites us to be part of what God is using them to do. This is commendable.