Besides regular worship services in The Chapel, the following Sacraments shall be established to build up members in Christ:

Holy Communion

i.        Only those who have experienced the new birth and are in good standing with the Lord shall be eligible to partake in the Holy Communion.
ii.       All those who are serving church discipline shall not be eligible to partake in the Holy Communion.
iii.      Unless the need arises, the Holy Communion Service shall be held once a month.
iv.      The Chaplain shall administer the Holy Communion with the assistance of Council members. However, the Chaplain reserves the right to ask any other Minister of the gospel to administer the Holy Communion in The Chapel.


Christian marriage implies the life-long union of one man with one woman to the exclusion of all others. Members of The Chapel are therefore expected to marry in the church. Detail issues regarding marriage in The Chapel are contained in The Chapel’s Marriage Guidelines.

Funeral Service

i.        When a member of The Chapel or a Christian in good standing associated with The Chapel dies, a funeral service may be held for him or her in The Chapel or any other place as decided by the deceased family.
ii.   The Order of Service at the funeral shall be as approved by The Council in the spirit of the unity of the body of Christ.