GNC Monthly Prayers

VC’s Monthly Fasting/Prayer Programme

The Vice Chancellor of Benue State University, Professor Msugh Moses Kembe wants to partner with God in administration of the University. He placed a call on the Chapels on Campus (The GoodNews Chapel  and The Good Shepherd Catholic Chaplaincy) for monthly fasting/prayer on behalf of the University Community.

A committee was setup and given the mandate to pursue the Vice Chancellor’s vision. The committee consists of the Registrar, Chaplains of Chapels, Elders and members from both Churches. The members of the Committee include;


1 Revd. Fr. Dr. Pius T Ajiki      Chairman
2 Revd. Ezekiel Hanior     Member
3 Dr Timothy I Utile      Member
4 Dr. Mrs. Member George Genyi    Member
5 Mr. Terna Abuul     Member
6 Mr. Andrew Anjah  Member
7 Mr. Jude Atakpugh Member
8 Mr. Emmanuel Agwungwu     Member
9 Mr. Peace Omenka     Member
10 Mrs. Catherine Ashinya     Secretary


The Fasting Programme is to hold every last weekend of the month and be rounded off with a Sunday service alternating monthly between both Chapels. The first of this programme started in February and ended with a service at The Good Shepherd Chapel and subsequently in the month of March to be rounded off at The GoodNews Chapel  and is intended to continue in like manner till the end of the Year. Both Chapels are actively involved in the fasting programme regardless of which Chapel is hosting the Fasting Service. The goals of the Fast include

  1. To seek divine intervention in the Benue State University, Makurdi.
  2. Attendance is mandatory for all staff/Students of the University.
  3. The prayer session will afford the Vice-Chancellor the opportunity to address the University Community on vital issues of his Administration.


Month Venue
January 29th GNC
February 26th GSCC
March 26th GNC
April 30th GSCC
May 28th GNC
June 25th GSCC
July 30th GNC
August 27th GSCC
September 24th GNC
October 29th GSCC
November 26th GNC
December 31st GSCC

Time: 9am Prompt
GSCC – Good Shepherd Catholic Chaplaincy
GNC  - GoodNews Chapel